1. What is EBEC?

EBEC (European BEST Engineering Competition) is a student engineering competition consisting of three rounds: local, regional and final round. The winners of each round continue the competition in the next round. More about the competition and the local round in Novi Sad, you can find out on ebec.rs  or on the Facebook event page.

  1. What are the categories in the competition?

The categories of the competition are Team Design and Case Study. In the team design category, competitors will receive a limited amount of materials and a problem to solve. From the offered materials they should build a solution. The case study involves finding an innovative and practical solution to the problem, but does not involve the creation or construction, only the oral presentation of the same.

  1. Who can participate?

Students can apply for the competition in all years of their studies on the University of Novi Sad, but the primary group consists of students from the Faculty of Technical Sciences, Faculty of Sciences, Faculty of Technology and Faculty of Agriculture.

  1. Do I need any specific knowledge or skills to participate in the competition?

No, only good will and positive energy are needed.

  1. What about teams? Do I have to have a team to register?

One team consists of exactly 4 students. You can sign up for the competition with your team, but also yourself. In case you sign up alone or with a team that has less than 4 members, after selecting, we will notify you who are all members of your team.

  1. Do I have to participate in both categories?

No, on the contrary, one team can only participate in one category.

  1. Can I apply for both categories?

Yes, you can apply for both categories, but you can not be selected for both, but only for one.

  1. How are the competitors selected?

Competitors are selected based on the answers to the questions in the application and attached CV.

  1. I’m not sure if I can participate, do I apply for each case?

Registration to the competition obliges you to participate in the competition.

If, however, at any time after registration, you find that you will not be able to participate, please contact us as soon as possible by contacting one of the organizers (whose contacts you can find here) or by contacting the form on our main site.

  1. Do I have to be a BEST member to sign up?

No, BEST members are not allowed to participate in the competition.

  1. Can I become a member of the BEST after the competition?

Yes, after the competition will be held a recruitment period, when you can become our member. You can find more information about the work of our group on our Facebook page or on our site.

  1. Is there a fee for participation?

No, participation in the competition is free.

  1. Who can all attend workshops that take place within the event?

All the students of the University of Novi Sad can apply to the workshops, regardless of whether they applied for the competition.

Do you have any doubts?

You can find contact information on our contact page.